Monday, April 4, 2011

The Vicissitudes of Life

How do you harness the many vicissitudes of life? Change is ever imminent and an expectation that leave many ill-equipped.Yet such knowledge is easily forgotten in moments of bliss. Then suddenly the change, whether for better or worse, approaches. Although in life we garner many lessons, the hardest is accepting that nothing lasts forever. That dark tangible truth lurks in the crevices of your mind. It  manifests itself in the tone of our voices, as agitation, frustration, anger, in deceit, in the deterioration of trust, in disbelief, in shock, and the list goes on and changes, fitting into the context of the situation.

Now comes the ultimate question, will love prevail? Because love conquers all, right? Love for your work, your spouse, family. Or is the question, will YOU prevail? For so long love has been perceived as unconquerable, and yet, at times it's almost intolerable. When obstacles come your way that seem insurmountable, if it's not love that wins, or you, what does? Is it your drive?Well, it's knowing what you want, and striving for it. After all, what is life if you have nothing to live for? If so, no matter what the change, fight for what you believe in, but only if it is good for you. No matter the dissension, the discord, the pain that seems perpetual, sleepless nights, the stress from piles of work ( throw in whatever scenario that suits your situation), the key is knowing when to let go and when to find your strength.

Now, I've been asked, "Why is letting go so hard?" It's strange because many apply this question to romantic relationships, and yet I see it so often encountered in all segments of society, of life. Letting go is usually hard because of all the time, energy, and heart you invested in that project, in that dream, in that belief of what you wanted, in that relationship, in that job, in that promise. It is hard because of memories that make the past seem present, almost alive, and tangible. Memories of a loved one who passed, memories of an ex-lover, memories of fun times, or memories of all the plans you dreamed up and suddenly can't be anymore. Sometimes you don't let go because you're afraid of the pain that letting go will bring. But if it isn't good for you, then you're hurting yourself in ways you can't imagine. Deep inside you know the answer. It's all a matter of making that final decision and sticking with it. Change is sometimes what you need. It's a learning experience, it's happiness, it's sadness, it's all part of the adventure. Learn to adapt to it. Sometimes we just need to learn to accept it, to believe more, to have a little more faith.

Note: My boyfriend wants an octopus and a chameleon. He also thinks I should rename my blog to "Memoirs of a Badass," haha. That's why I keep him around, he makes me laugh.

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  1. #1) I think I agree with your're definitely a "Badass". One of my friends is trying to convince me to change mine to "Life as a Ninja Teacher"

    #2) I LOVE this post...letting go is hard but change is inevitable and often a good thing in the long run! :)

  2. The Ninja Teacher idea isn't bad at all. Go for it, haha.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post!