Saturday, April 16, 2011


Secrets lurk beneath the surface, hide in dimensions, lie awaiting discovery in the crevices of our soul, in the black holes of the universe. Sometimes secrets are necessary. At times they lend your character mystery, even if that secret isn't extraordinary. Sometimes secrets are kept that could harm a person you love, and, thus, they are stored away to protect both parties from an unnecessary circumstance.

 It is not always that secrets should be kept, especially if it goes so far as to breach the sanctity of a bond. In the realm of trust, the heart is given with the understanding that it shall be respected. While observing the nature of relationships from afar and near, I've noticed the insidious form secrets take when kept for selfish reasons. Countless scenarios stream pass my mind of those secrets that I've seen slowly lead to the atrophy of even the most seemingly beautiful relationship, be it platonic, romantic, or familial.

By selfish, I mean fostering the knowledge of a secret that would wholly disrespect the person for whom you care deeply. Such knowledge is damaging because you are  aware of certain boundaries that should not be crossed ( established earlier in the relationship through conversation or is understood through common sense), because, if crossed, it will cause that person pain that will never fully heal. Sometimes, in such a scenario, it is best to be forthright and honest, because such secrets, or withheld truths, can, at times, become lies. Such lies will cut far deeper than the truth and could thoroughly decimate the most precious of bonds.

If you truly love someone,  as a good friend, a lover, or blood relative, then let not falsehood adulterate the commitment you've made to that person. One of the most beautiful aspects unique to humanity is their ability to love. It is saddening, and almost frightening, how capable we are of hurting those we love, because they are at their most vulnerable. When we seek to hurt them, we strike far deeper, because we know exactly where and how to strike. I have the solemn hope that we would take better care in how we treat one another.

 When you love someone, be true.

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